Community Power Summit: Building People Power in Seattle

May 6th, 2017 1-5pm

All Pilgrims Church

500 Broadway E

Building local movements for justice and sustainability has never been more important. With Trump in the White House and state government deadlocked, it's up to us to build people power in Seattle.

Come to the Community Power Summit to engage with some of the most crucial issues facing Seattle:

  • Affordable housing
  • A transit system that gets people out of cars
  • Green jobs and energy systems that meet our climate goals
  • Immigrant and refugee rights
  • Equitable taxation and education funding

The Community Power Summit brings together some of Seattle's most dynamic activist and advocacy groups: 350 Seattle, Transit Riders Union, Got Green, Puget Sound SAGE, One America, Tenants Union, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, and Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition. Their workshops at the Summit are terrific engagement opportunities where you can help build community power to address these crucial challenges.

Let's take out country back, beginning right where we live.

Register for the Summit here!


The Community Power Summit is being put together by volunteers, and is funded in part by a Neighborhood Matching fund award from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, but that doesn't mean there aren't expenses. If you would like to donate to help offset the costs of putting on the Summit, please feel free to use the button below.